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Crystal White

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Libero Crystal White is a blend made with flavors from all over the world. The basis of our rum has matured for three years in oak barrels. The second part is fresh, clear and adds fruitiness to our blend.

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The basis of our rum has matured for three years in ex-bourbon barrels in Trinidad, an island in the Caribbean, which results in a soft taste. Depending on the taste, this can be prolonged up to five years. During the maturation process, the rum takes on the color of the barrel, making it brown. To obtain a clear product again, the rum is filtered through a carbon filter.

The second part of our rum comes straight from the distillate. Old-fashioned pot stills and the more modern column stills were used to distill the fresh sugarcane juice and molasses.
As you see, the second part is a blend on it's own. A blend made with rum from Jamaica, Mauritius and eSwatini. This results in a unique, mellow and delicate taste.

The marriage of these exotic flavors leads to a flavor that we wanted to achieve and enjoy.

This unique blend has the quality to enjoy neat or with an ice cube and it can be used in any cocktail.
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